Is Probably Untrustworthy

Personally, I haven’t used the site, and I barely heard of it, but supposedly you can buy Instagram followers on it.

I’m really jumping to conclusions, but in their Terms of Use (under Disclaimer), it says,”Followers24 makes no guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied for the services we provide.”

That means that even though you paid for followers, they don’t have to give you any. In addition, this statement in their TOS renders their “100% money back guarantee”, as it says right there that they make no gaurantees of any kind, expressed or implied. And of course, you agreed to that, since you were on their website and using their services. What I found interesting though is that they use HTTPS. Just a thought.

To be honest, it’s such a con move. But I just love smart they were.



Why You Shouldn’t Buy Wizard101 Things From CAG (

Unless you’re extremely desperate for a bundle and don’t live where a GameStop is at, there is absolutely no reason to buy anything from

Everything on the website is completely overpriced compared to the same item on the Wizard101 website.

For example, here is 5,000 crowns on CAG.


On, the cost of 5,000 crowns is only $10. (Warning: the site is riddled with ads) is making a profit of 60%.

For one year membership, Wizard101 normally charges $79.95. ChatAndGames charges $95.95 for the same item. That’s a 20% profit for them, and $20 more out of your pocket. If there’s currently a sale going on (as Wizard101 tends to do often), you’re paying 60% more for a 1 year membership.

As a final example to prove my point, 60,000 crowns is sold for $80 on At CAG, it costs $99. If you bought from CAG instead of Wizard101, that’s spending 23.75% more money than you have to.

There’s  no reason why anyone would want or need to buy crowns or membership from CAG, when you can easily just do it from W101, often times with a promotion. It’s just not logical.

Updated to iOS 7.1 And More

Let me just say..I’m liking the update. It also includes CarPlay! Now I just need a car that supports it..

The Slide to Unlock feature now looks different, the keyboard is slightly different, and the Slide to Shut Off is different.

The annoying change was with the keyboard. When it’s not caps locked, it looks like it is caps locked, making me click the button and turning in the caps lock .-.

So I updated. That means..*DRUM ROLL* I am no longer jailbroken! I’m free! Back into the safety of Apple’s arms.

My ipad got slow from jailbreaking(mostly cause I changed the font).

Plus, many apps have crashed when my iPad was jailbroken, but it was fun being able to do those free in app purchases anyways. Btw slushipup1903, can you find out if you are able to use LocalIAPStore or whatever to get free IAPs for PvZ2?


P.S. Heard Happy yet?

An App That Does Your Math Homework For You..! :D

UPDATE: There’s a newer app called PhotoMath, and it’s even better because it also tells you how to do the problem. The only issue is that it doesn’t support really complex equations, nor does it support reading handwriting. It only reads printed equations.

To use it, all you do is open the app and point the camera at the math problem.

This app is available on the Google Play store App Store, and Amazon App Store.


This iOS app does the math for you!

And best thing is that its free!

All you do is draw out a math problem, and it will detect what you are trying to let it solve, and it also show the work. For example, I wrote “Pi(the symbol of it)=” and it came with:


And if you wanted to go a little more complicated:


This app doesn’t support using variables though..and if you write horrible, the app might translate what you meant to something else..

How did I find this app? The App Store. It is #6 on the Top 10 Apps that Wow list. Plus, it has a great rating on the App Store:



Side note for you annoying people: I do not encourage you to use this app to cheat on your math homework, or other related things. I am not endorsed or sponsored by this app.