Is Probably Untrustworthy

Personally, I haven’t used the site, and I barely heard of it, but supposedly you can buy Instagram followers on it.

I’m really jumping to conclusions, but in their Terms of Use (under Disclaimer), it says,”Followers24 makes no guarantees of any kind, expressed or implied for the services we provide.”

That means that even though you paid for followers, they don’t have to give you any. In addition, this statement in their TOS renders their “100% money back guarantee”, as it says right there that they make no gaurantees of any kind, expressed or implied. And of course, you agreed to that, since you were on their website and using their services. What I found interesting though is that they use HTTPS. Just a thought.

To be honest, it’s such a con move. But I just love smart they were.



Why You Shouldn’t Buy Wizard101 Things From CAG (

Unless you’re extremely desperate for a bundle and don’t live where a GameStop is at, there is absolutely no reason to buy anything from

Everything on the website is completely overpriced compared to the same item on the Wizard101 website.

For example, here is 5,000 crowns on CAG.


On, the cost of 5,000 crowns is only $10. (Warning: the site is riddled with ads) is making a profit of 60%.

For one year membership, Wizard101 normally charges $79.95. ChatAndGames charges $95.95 for the same item. That’s a 20% profit for them, and $20 more out of your pocket. If there’s currently a sale going on (as Wizard101 tends to do often), you’re paying 60% more for a 1 year membership.

As a final example to prove my point, 60,000 crowns is sold for $80 on At CAG, it costs $99. If you bought from CAG instead of Wizard101, that’s spending 23.75% more money than you have to.

There’s  no reason why anyone would want or need to buy crowns or membership from CAG, when you can easily just do it from W101, often times with a promotion. It’s just not logical.

Instagram Reset Scam Spreads

There is a scam spreading across instagram about it “resetting”. If this change was real, you will most likely be notified of it by the official Instagram instead of from pictures from your friends.

Do not repost the chain message. Some images that spreads this scam even tell you that you have to follow a certain user. You should report the user immediately so Instagram can address the fake account.


SCAM: FileIce Downloader- No Survey-ZippyShare [Video is no longer available]

That video is a scam. The program this person made claims to allow you to bypass a survey on FileIce, but when you download it, you would find that the file is password protected, so “it won’t be abused”..which is one of the worst lies anyone could ever tell..the actual purpose of putting a password is so they will get money. Downloads for “passwords” are usually held at FileIce or other file sharing sites that require you to complete a survey, which can earn the uploader(in this case, this would be the “scammer”) around $1. Now if you have 100 people falling for this scam, you can easily get $100.

To top off the fact that the password is “survey protected”, it takes you through an link..which earns the scammer even more cash.

That video has over 7,000 views..and if all those people fell for it, and each survey was worth $1, he already made 7K. In only about a month.

If you look over to the comments section, you see that comments are awaiting approval..which means that if there are any comments at all, they would all probably be positive comments, and not any negative ones. This doesn’t allow much of a user insight as to whether this is real or not. Here is what happens when you try to comment:


If you check the YouTube channel, it only has one video. Its not a trustworthy account.

By watching the video, you can see the nature of the program. And it doesn’t seem real..because once he clicked on that Download button on his program, the file appeared right away. No “downloading” or anything. I also noticed that he didn’t open the file to prove that it is not corrupted or anything. And if you look at the icon, its of a piece of paper. Which is pretty much the icon that means, “Windows can’t open need a third party program.”

If you think that it is real because it allows him to open the FileIce link in a browser, think it this way: He only tested one link. He could’ve set the button to take it to his FileIce link. Then it will look authentic   And his FileIce link that he was trying to download is a Club Penguin thing. Which may mean the uploader is a kid.

Be suspicious for these kinds of things. And don’t click on surveys. It gets you nothing, while the uploader gets all the money.


Edit: Also read my other post about File Ice downloaders in general here:

Facebook Scam (Or at least, I think it’s a Scam)


So that’s a comment that was found repeatedly on one of my friend’s photos. Let’s go through and see what happens..


That’s the picture. Now if we click on the first link..


Then we click on the Auto Link image, and we get to a page that plays a pretty awesome tune, but what it will do if you follow all directions will not be so awesome..

Now..we get here:


AND after clicking “Ok”..


Here is where things get risky. It shows that you have to copy and paste the link you get when you click “Ok” (the text box not shown), but the image failed to show the text in RED. See..


The red basically says that you SHOULD NOT share the link with ANYONE and to treat it like your password. In the link, you could (or couldn’t) see that it says “access token” and “special access token”, so guess what? When used correctly, the person can access your Facebook account(I’m almost certain of this), and thus, spread the link to all your friends..

Now if we just submit the link(I am putting a fake one), nothing. (._.)

I think it might be because I put in a fake link, but don’t bet on me giving them the real one..

Any comments?