1000 Things We Hate #232: Stickers on Hats

1000 Things We Hate

I am the furthest thing away from a ‘thug.’  I shudder at the word.  Some of my dope-ass-hoebag-bros could probably attest that I’m just not ‘in’ that crowd.  Some of my cousins are… and I am ashamed…

Anyway, there’s a bubbling trend that’s apparently been going on for 5-7 years and I have only now noticed it.  The trend?  Keeping the stickers on baseball caps or other thug apparel in the form of a hat.  The stickers can appear on the bottom of the bill or on the underside of the bill or the side-side of the bill.

There are apparently a lot of reasonable reasons for keeping the stickers on the hats like “the hat gets dusty and if you remove the sticker it leaves a coloration mark” or “there’s sticky residue left” or “I’m a fuckwad.”  You know, all of the above.  Unfortunately for those people, it looks…

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