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Notice: By being on this site, you agree to any term(s) and/or statement(s) set below, and you hereby declare that you completely understand all the content below. If any term(s) below is deemed illegal and/or non-applicable, all other parts of below that is legal and/or applicable will still be enforced. If you do not agree, please leave this site immediately. Thank you.

Copyright © 2013 thealmostperfectthoughts.wordpress.com: All rights reserved. 
Some Images are Copyright © 2013 by KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. or Fantage, Inc.
The Wizard101® logo is a registered trademark of Kingsisle Entertainment, Inc                    The Fantage® logo is a registered trademark of Fantage, Inc.

Please note that everything on this blog is either copyrighted by me, or another individual. You may not reproduce, copy, or otherwise use the content on this blog without expressed permission from me.

Exclusions do apply to a selected few, so you can comment if you are in doubt, and I will get back to you shortly. If you are found to be copying me, I will give you a minimum of 1 notice, and if you do not comply, or give a proper explanation of why its okay, I will report you to your blogging host. You must have a valid reason.

You may however distribute content of this blog by means that WordPress.com supplies, which includes, but not limited to,  the “Press This” and the Reblogging technique.

While we are here, I would like to put out that Almost Perfect Thoughts  am not affiliated with any brand name(s) mentioned or to-be mentioned on this blog. All “ads” (as you could call them) in the sidebar are put up on the sidebar by me, with my own free will, and I did not receive any monetary value from it whatsoever. I am only doing so to help out the site(that I know and have excellent experience with) get more views in helping them reap more fame. This site was not created for the sole purpose of advertising, nor get rich programs, and it will never be, assuming that I stay in charge. If you believe that any content on this blog is wrong and go against the WP Terms Of Service or Advertising policy, please comment so, and I will look into it to see if it really does. Right now, I am being very careful about not violating any of the terms.

If you found a post/page/blog that you think copied me, feel free to comment the link in the comments section of this page.

If you think I copied you, click here.


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