Motion Pics!

*Notice: The following text all come from my sister’s blog. View her blog here.*

Hey! The pics are out-of-order and I may have added or forgot some pics.Hope you like them still!!


Starscoin & Kitten!

Merry Chistmas From Britney

Merry Christmas!!

Awesome Me

Merry Christmas! I look cute!!

My Jumping Witchme


CRAZY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Everybody’s dancing tonight!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!


Kitten! Like my BFF!!

So Bright

Ah! Big Rat! This place must be dirty!


Jesse’s pic.



My Free Realms As The Party Queen

What do you want little girl and How did you get here??!


Can you see the heart and the cat? They’re tiny!

tiny and cool idfone

My awesome IDfone. (edited..duh)

Jump Start

Welcome to my blog!

monna lisa

Got it from Jump Start 2nd Grade.

Cute Spring!

Happy Spring!

poptropica twins!


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