Question: How do you make posts?

Hello bloggers! What I’m wondering is how you get inspiration to make your posts? Do you just start typing and wing it? Or do you type up (or write) a rough draft first? Do you strive to make it perfect? Do you write down your ideas first, then compose a post? Do you even know what a post is?

Comment your answer ;D


20 thoughts on “Question: How do you make posts?

  1. Its usuallly just on the spot for me, if i feel something, i write it. Since i write about fantage, theres usually something to write about. I also like to yell at other blogs (yea, im horrible) but i was sooooooo annoyed with fantageville yesterday, i might post something talking about that…yea. well ill go do that.. (thats how i get inspiration)

  2. What I do if it’s a :

    Update for the blog: Post it, doesn’t really matter on vocabulary

    Story: Think of ideas OR just start writing and read it 2 times then publish when your ready

    Question: Just write, no need to think about it

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